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The Challenge

Interviews are a great opportunity to learn more about candidates, but without clear standards and processes in place, the information collected is often not consistent. Interviewers may connect with some candidates more than others based on job-irrelevant information (e.g. age, gender, background, etc.). This can influence how candidates are treated. If interview candidates are treated differently, they may not have an equal chance to demonstrate their skills.

How We Help

We work with our clients to build a structured interview process that they feel comfortable with. We determine which qualifications they want to evaluate in an interview. Then, we create a set of questions based on our knowledge of best practices in fair and equitable hiring. A clear rating scale is created for each question to take the guesswork out of evaluating each candidate’s responses. We put this all together into a guide for our clients and provide training and coaching on how to conduct a great structured interview. We know that structured interviews might feel a little strange at first, so we provide plenty of opportunities to practice and get comfortable with using the guide.

The Impact

By structuring the interview process, it is easy to compare multiple candidates, as every candidate has the same interview experience. Structured interviews ensure every candidate gets a fair shot at demonstrating their skills and experiences.

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