Anonymous Resumes

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Let a candidate’s skills and experiences speak for themselves

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The Challenge

Resumes can contain a lot of information about a person. However, not all of that information is relevant to the skills and experiences that employers are looking for in their hire.

When looking at a resume with identifying information (e.g., indicators of age, gender, background, etc.), it can make people connect to candidates based on information that isn’t relevant to the requirements of the job. Making decisions based on this felt connection can create bias in the hiring process.

How We Help

We create anonymous resumes by covering up the identifying information in resumes. The information we cover up is based on our knowledge of best practices for reducing bias.

Don’t worry, the identifying information is not gone forever. We only cover up identifying information during the screening of resumes, when decisions are most likely influenced by bias. Clients can then evaluate the anonymous resumes based on relevant skills and experience. Once the shortlisted candidates are selected, we provide the identifying information needed to contact the candidate for an interview. 

The Impact

By removing identifying, and potentially biasing information from resumes, the focus stays on the skills and experiences that candidates can bring to the role. Anonymous resumes ensure that the most qualified candidates move forward in the hiring process.

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