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The Challenge

Resumes can contain a lot of information about a person. However, not all of that information is relevant to the skills and experiences that employers are looking for  when hiring. When looking at a resume, it can be difficult to focus only on the information that is relevant to the role.

How We Help

We partner with clients to understand what key pieces of information they are looking for in a candidate’s resume. We then use our knowledge of best practices in inclusive resume screening to build a Resume Scorecard for the position. We take the skills and qualifications required for the role and assign them a score based on how closely they align with our client’s ideal level. Higher scores indicate a better fit. We then give our clients the option to shortlist candidates based on their scores, rather than based on other factors that can bias how resumes are screened.

The Impact

Scoring resumes allows the focus to stay entirely on a predetermined criteria for skills and qualifications. Using Resume Scorecards can help ensure that the most qualified candidates move forward in the hiring process.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Resume Scorecards were efficient and easy to read.

Stage Right Homes (Toronto, ON)

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