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The Challenge

The language used in a job posting matters. Job postings are written based on the mental framework of the “ideal candidate.” While this may not sound like a bad thing, these mental frameworks can be based on unconscious biases about the type of person (e.g. age, gender, background, etc.) that would be the best fit. This leads to candidates disqualifying themselves from a position due to misunderstandings about their fit with the role, and what qualifications are required to be successful.

How We Help

We review job postings according to their relevance to the job and their use of inclusive language. We ensure that there is clear differentiation between the desired qualifications (“nice-to-haves”) and the required qualifications (“need-to-haves”). We also check that these desired and required qualifications are inclusive and not directly or indirectly related to stereotypes about how certain people may behave at work. We can also help clients craft an equal opportunity employer statement that is authentic and aligned with their company values.

The Impact

When job postings use inclusive language and properly explain the requirements of a role, people of all backgrounds feel motivated to apply. Inclusive job postings help attract and encourage qualified diverse candidates to apply for the role.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Confluxia Consulting provided a a clear and concise job description that encompassed everything that we were looking for and things that came up in the Job Analysis we did not realize we were looking for.

Stage Right Homes (Toronto, ON)

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