About Us

We are Confluxia Consulting, a consulting company that provides hiring solutions to help bring great businesses and great candidates together. When implemented as part of an overall inclusion strategy, our services help businesses diversify their workforce and select the best talent. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to help small businesses access evidence-based tools that will allow them to improve hiring practices, find great candidates, and build a stronger workforce and community. Our mission is the driving force behind the work that we do.

We take pride in the meaning behind the name of Confluxia Consulting and in our core values. Our name and our shared values push us to achieve our mission.

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The Meaning of Confluxia

The idea for Confluxia Consulting came from the concept of conflux, the act or process of merging.  

To us, this has two meanings:

  1. With our services, we are trying to bring great businesses and great people together.  
  2. We are also trying to bring together scientific research and business practices that have frequently operated in isolation. 

Our Core Values

Evidence-Based: Using solutions supported by best practices and scientific evidence

Fairness: Promoting and using ethical and inclusive business practices.

Professionalism and Respect: Showing professionalism and respect for clients using our services, for applicants, and for colleagues.

Work-Life Synergy: Ensuring high quality, authentic interactions with clients by building strong relationships and maintaining self-care.

Collaboration: Collaborating with clients to develop customized solutions and with communities to provide support for increased access to meaningful employment.

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