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Our Services

We have developed several evidence-based tools and services that can help businesses, no matter how small, make great hires.

What Our Clients are Saying

“Dealing with Confluxia was professional and streamlined. They walked me through the process and provided valuable expertise and insight that added great value.”

β€” Giro Okanagan Vacations (Kelowna, BC)

“Provided a a clear and concise job description that encompassed everything that we were looking for and things that came up in the job analysis we did not realize we were looking for.”

β€” Stage Right Homes (Toronto, ON)

Our Company

We started Confluxia Consulting with the goal of helping small- and medium-sized businesses use evidence-based hiring tools and services. We saw that smaller businesses felt greater pressure to make the right hire but could not afford to bring in external recruiters or use expensive applicant tracking systems. That’s when we decided to take the latest evidence and best practices from HR and organizational psychology and make them accessible to businesses through effective, easy-to-use tools and services.

What We Do

We bring the valued experience of our clients together with the latest evidence from top researchers in the field of HR and organizational psychology to build tools that lead to strong, diverse workforces.

We work directly with the manager or owner that is doing the hiring to build their expertise into the tool we create. Through collaboration, we can build out tools, such as structured interview guides, that are tailored to the role and to the business’ needs.

We also ensure that throughout the process our clients are using the best practices in attracting and selecting potential candidates. This can include services such as reviewing the job posting to ensure it is inclusive of all potential applicants.

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