Confluxia Consulting is no longer in operation and this website is no longer active.

Thank You

Since the beginning, we wanted to build a business that would allow us to make evidence-based practices accessible, gain new perspectives, and develop our skill sets. The goal of continuous improvement has always guided our business decisions. Reaching new stages in our lives and in our careers led us to evaluate the future of Confluxia. While we considered several shifts in our business model, we ultimately felt that we reached a point of natural conclusion to our business. It was not an easy choice to make, however, we have no regrets as we look back on our experience.

Confluxia has led to many incredible opportunities for us. We learned so much from this process about creating a vision and following through on it, building meaningful connections, valuing ourselves, and doing what is right instead of what is easy. We are so grateful to the many people who believed in us and supported us along this road.  Thank you to our clients, The Hub Incubator Program, our families, our colleagues, and our friends. We are so appreciative of the  mentorship, support, guidance, and lessons learned along the way.

– Baylee & Lauren